Unique Motel Accommodation in Auckland

Guests looking for unique motel accommodation need not look further than Tudor Court Motor Lodge.

The lodge has a rental facility that helps make the stay at the motel a memorable one. The bike rental is great for guests who are gas emission conscious. It is also a wonderful way of seeing the area up close. The computer rental is ideal for those who want to catch up on their emails. This facility is free. Guests need only ask the receptionist who will direct on what to do. There is free WIFI in the rooms, which enables guests to surf and catch up on work as well. Guests can also enjoy the DVD player rental. They can also request for DVD movies. To access the DVD movies, guests have to request for it three days before they check in. The movies are subject to availability. Every day guests receive a free local newspaper.

Guests who are keen supporters of Fair Trade and nature conservation will be pleased to know that when they opt for this motel accommodation in Auckland, they are indirectly contributing to these projects. Tudor Court Motor Lodge purchases Fair Trade tea, coffee, sugar and hot chocolate for its guests. They also use Forrest and Bird bathroom products because this organization uses part of its income to protect the country’s native plants and animals.

Getting to the lodge is easy. Guests can request to use the lodge’s airport transfer facility. Alternatively, they can drive down and use the map on the website for directions. The lodge is only 20 minutes away from the airport and five minutes away from the CBD. There are a number of attractions in this region and they are all a short distance away from the motel.

There is a variety of rooms for guests to choose from when they are looking for motel accommodation in Auckland It has four types of rooms targeting the business traveler, tourists and families with or without kids. The Executive Studio is ideal for the business traveler. The Deluxe King Studio with Kitchenette and the Deluxe Twin Studio with Kitchenette are great for guests who love to cook. The Family Room with Kitchenette is a great space for families. It can have up to five people comfortably. There is something for everyone in this motel.

Tudor Court Motor Lodge is a four star motel. The management and staff have gone out of their way to make sure that their motel accommodation in the best in Auckland. Its location is ideal and makes it easier to access all the local attractions in the region. Their prices are affordable and guests can book online on their user-friendly website. Their facilities are great and there are a couple of free ones. These go a long way in making a stay at this motel memorable. Have a look at their website, make enquiries and book at your leisure. Check in Tudor Court Motor Lodge and enjoy contemporary charm at its best.

Providing Lawnmowing Services in Wellington

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